Author - Dr. Shah Islam

Dr. Shah Islam is a board certified academic radiologist subspecialising in imaging of the brain and spine. During his clinical training, he was appointed as a NIHR academic clinical fellow at Europe’s leading cancer research institute, ICR. He is currently a clinical research fellow at the Imperial College London, within the division of Brain Sciences, aiming to develop quantitative biomarkers using advanced imaging techniques to prognosticate aggressive brain tumours. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing clinical trials and is running the multicentre ‘Diffusion in Glioma’ study across five major neuroscience centres in the UK. In addition to this, he is also responsible for carrying out MRC funded Phase I-III trials, testing a novel PET/MRI imaging tracer for the use of detecting and measuring treatment response in patients with glioma. Aside from his commitment to clinical trials, he is heavily involved in the science of Deep Radiomics, which applies deep learning algorithms to quantitative imaging data with the aim to characterise brain tumour phenotype and predict clinical outcome.