Author - Dr. Rafael Bengoa

Dr. Rafael Bengoa is an expert in management and public health and a strong advocate of universal public health. Considered one of the fathers of Osakidetza (Basque Health Service), he has forged an impressive path within the public health landscape. Alongside Patricia Arratibel, he is presently the co-director of The Institute for Health & Strategy in Bilbao, Spain. Previously Dr. Bengoa acted as the Minister of Health of the IX legislature of the Basque Government was Vice Chairman of Advisory Group Horizon 20/20 of the EU and was Director of Health Systems in WHO-HQ until 2006. Presently he advises on policy level reforms to the Governments of Spain, France and the USA during Obamacare. More recently he has led the expert panel for Northern Ireland, (Systems, Not Structures) and participated as expert in the Scottish Digital and Health panel. He is Senior Leadership Fellow at Harvard University and teaches in several business schools.