Philips undertook an original research to understand the perception towards connected care and the role it plays in the future of healthcare. The study, which will be repeated annually, included both quantitative surveys and qualitative in-depth interviews. These were conducted from February-April, 2016 in 13 countries. In partnership with an independent global market research firm, a survey was fielded from February 24, 2016 to April 8, 2016 in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, UAE, U.K. and U.S. in their native language. A combination of online, face-to-face (computer-assisted) and phone (computer-assisted) interviewing was used to reach a total sample of:

  • 2,659 healthcare professionals (those who work in healthcare as a doctor, surgeon, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or nurse across a variety of specializations)
  • 25,355 adult patients (those 18 years old or older who have visited a healthcare professional in the last three months)
  • About 200 healthcare professionals and 2,000 patients were surveyed in each country (with the exception of UAE which was 1,000).

Secondary research was also conducted, gathering information from third party data and case studies to further validate the primary research results. To provide context around the quantitative data, the survey was supplemented with 30-45 minute in-depth interviews conducted in partnership with Schlesinger and IPSOS from March 7-April 11, 2016. The following audiences were interviewed in-person or over the phone: healthcare professionals (20 per market in all 13 markets); insurance professionals (8-10 per market in China, France, Japan, The Netherlands, UK, US); and public policymakers (8-10 per market in China, France, Japan, The Netherlands, UK, US).

The Future Health Index (FHI) is calculated by combining the quantitative survey responses from patients and healthcare professionals equally on questions about access to the healthcare system, their country’s current state of health integration and adoption of connected care technology. The Index ranges from 0 to 100 points, and is the average of three sub-indices: access (across the health continuum); integration (of health system); and adoption (of connected care technology). Each of the three sub-indices range from 0 to 100 points, and each are weighted equally in the final FHI score. The three sub-indices scores are based on a series of question groupings (or components) that draw from a distinct theme in the questionnaire.

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