Podcast: Open access to healthcare records, yes or no?

To some, electronic medical records (EMRs) are a crucial part of enabling truly connected care, while to others their implementation is full of potential risks.

This first Future Health Index podcast looks to uncover some of the nuances of the discussion and uncover what needs to be done to make the use and benefits of EMRs more widespread, but in a safe and secure way.

Our host, health journalist Danny Buckland, is joined by two guests. Tessa Richards is a senior editor at the British Medical Journal, which advocates for open access to health records. Sam Smith is part of the independent organization medConfidential, which campaigns for confidentiality and consent in health and social care.

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  • Mark McCoskey

    Not Interested @ Let's Sit Awhile

    November 7th 2017 15:34

    I'd like to see my health records uploaded to more than one place, say Google and Amazon. Every new test I have I want uploaded to both. And I want AI's suggesting changes for my health based on this data. I want optimized health.

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