Smartphones are leading the global charge against blindness

There are still 2.5 billion people in the world with poor vision and smartphones are the revolutionary answer to fighting vision loss.

This is a way of having local health workers providing specialist care wherever their patient is

Will Mapham says during a follow-up Skype call. He estimates that up to 30% of patients can get treatment without making the long journey to the nearest hospital.

The Clearly Vision Prize, funded by the Wahum Group, awards a total of $250,000 to projects that improve eyesight, especially in poor countries. Discover the semi-finalists, who represent just a sampling of the smartphone projects fighting vision loss, that are bringing critical care to remote regions far from hospitals and doctors’ offices and transforming the role technology has in health care.

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Photo credit: courtesy of Peek Vision; App Photo: Flickr user Rachel Elaine

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