Connected healthcare platform Dr. Bean on-boarded 4,000 doctors and 10,000 users within six months

After illness and first hand experience of a frustrating system of healthcare Anoop Sharma set about creating a connected healthcare platform in Bengaluru. Dr.Bean is  a one stop solution for all primary healthcare needs.

Last July, when Anoop Sharma had a viral fever within frequent intervals… they waited around for two days to get to meet doctors… and then the blood test report took more than 24 hours, as the apparatus required was at another location.

It focuses primarily on medicine delivery, diagnostics services and doctor appointments. The small team have been making waves across Bengaluru and has more than 4,000 doctors, 50 pharmacies and 10 diagnostic centers on its platform. Its Android app currently has more than 10,000 users in Bengaluru, and the team aims to increase it to 5,000 by August. Read more about this extraordinary story here:

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